A map is not just a map. It’s more of a conversation between the mapmaker and the map reader—and the landscape. As a student in Computer Sciences and Cartography at the University of Wisconsin, I started out exploring the intersection between maps and code. But after making maps in Scotland, writing a book, managing tech teams at companies with vastly different missions and vibes, editing a database of secret (but not entirely top secret) cutting edge drug trials, and nursing a linguistics habit on the side, I am now crafting maps out of code. I’m the developer. My users and students are the readers. The landscape is the web. Let’s talk.


Wheels Within Wheels

The (Ruby/Sinatra) CRUD app that makes (MEAN) CRUD apps. You may never need to make a CRUD app again.

Lesser Evil

a Ruby CLI gem for exploring the presidential election via the passion of the Twittersphere

Much Better Speeches

Fill in the blanks in history's greatest speeches and make them better. Much better. Built with JavaScript and AngularJS.


Real-time chat application. Built with JavaScript, WebSockets, and Node.js.

Dinosaur Spaceship

A library and e-reader. Built with JavaScript and Node.js.

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